Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby's Room!!!

The baby's room is finished! After searching through all the baby girl bedding that Lexington has to offer, we came back to the original bedding set that we liked before we even knew she was a she!!! We painted the walls blue... yes, blue, and the rest just kinda came together (thanks mom for helping)! We tried a sample of pink paint... but wow, it was a little too PINK!!! The blue walls compliment the brown in the bedding and curtains well, and there is still enough girlyness to go around with all the flowers! There is also a ton of red and pink throughout the bedding as you can see below! We are still planning to do some sort of custom art on the wall above her baby bed, but it will include her name and well, we haven't gotten that far yet! Here are some pics - enjoy!!! Oh... I almost forgot! I have just recently started feeling her move around in there! It is such a cool feeling! I have felt her the last three days right after lunch and last night after dinner! Good stuff!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tickled PINK!

BIG NEWS! It's a girl! She is 14 oz. (almost a whole pound) and her heart was pumping at 162 beats per minute! She tried to keep it hidden from us, but our ultrasound technician was very patient and kept checking to see if she had uncrossed her legs yet! Well, finally she did and there were those three little lines that tell all! So, yup we are tickled pink, you might say! Anyways, now comes the fun stuff! Decorating the nursery, registering, and picking out all the cute little girl things! Clothes, shoes, accessories! Yay! Now if I just had an endless supply of cash... hmm, that is what I will have to work on next.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 more days...

Well, just 2 more days until the Big Day! It seems like I have been waiting forever for this day to get here and it is finally almost here! Yep, Friday is my birthday - I'll be 28! Just kidding, I really was talking about our Ultrasound!!! Yes, it is here - this Friday we get to find out whether we will be oohing and aahing over our bundle of joy wrapped up in pink or in blue. I have been pretty sure it is a boy all along, but last night I had a dream we had the ultrasound and it was a girl! Of course, they did the ultrasound in the middle of the street by looking into my eyes with one of those tools doctors use to look in your ears or eyes. So, who knows if my dream means anything. I guess we will see on Friday, if the baby cooperates. Either one is fine with both of us, we just want to know so we can start getting ready for it. I have found that looking at baby stuff is so fun! All the clothes are so cute and tiny! So far I haven't bought much in the way of clothes, because we got some neutral gender stuff from Sarah and Lisa, so I have had to refrain from buying anything else yellow and green! I will be so glad when I can finally go shopping for our baby!!! Friday at 3:00 can't come fast enough!