Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby's Room!!!

The baby's room is finished! After searching through all the baby girl bedding that Lexington has to offer, we came back to the original bedding set that we liked before we even knew she was a she!!! We painted the walls blue... yes, blue, and the rest just kinda came together (thanks mom for helping)! We tried a sample of pink paint... but wow, it was a little too PINK!!! The blue walls compliment the brown in the bedding and curtains well, and there is still enough girlyness to go around with all the flowers! There is also a ton of red and pink throughout the bedding as you can see below! We are still planning to do some sort of custom art on the wall above her baby bed, but it will include her name and well, we haven't gotten that far yet! Here are some pics - enjoy!!! Oh... I almost forgot! I have just recently started feeling her move around in there! It is such a cool feeling! I have felt her the last three days right after lunch and last night after dinner! Good stuff!

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The Sechrist's said...

I can't believe you have this room done and I didn't even know it was going on! Thanks a lot cousin!! I want to come over and look at it asap!! It's beautiful by the way, you all did awesome.