Friday, October 30, 2009

$20 Weekend!

So, Matt and I are trying something new... a $20 weekend! We tend to spend all our money on the weekends, eating out, shopping, and basically doing whatever we feel like doing until Monday comes around and all of a sudden we have no money left! Where did it all go? Oh yeah, we went out to eat and spent $20, then to Walmart and spent $1oo on... hmm... can't remember what we actually bought, but I know it was something imporant... I am sure it was... it will come to me... So, yeah, that is basically what we do on the weekends is go out to eat and shopping and buy things we don't actually need. So, instead this weekend, I told him to pull $20 bucks out of the ATM on his way home from work, and that is our money for the weekend! We have plans on eating out tonight at Fazoli's... they have their baked spaghetti for just $2.99 for a limited time, and we both like that alot! And we already have groceries for other meals at home! We are having both of our parents over for dinner on Saturday night and of course First Family Feast on Sunday! So, this weekend should be a breeze with $20 bucks to spend! Hopefully we will stay busy at home! I think we are going to clean the house tonight, and maybe some more cleaning tomorrow, plus a big day of cooking and getting ready for trick or treaters! Oh and yeah, UK football too! :) Of course, there is only one problem to all of this... the weekend doesn't officially start until Friday at 5 PM right??? So, does that mean I can go to the mall when I get off work at 2 today? Hmm... Oh yeah, and I think I might need some Tilex too... maybe I will hit Walmart on my way home! Great... here we go... is this really gonna work? I'll let you know!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Update!

So as you can see above I am now 27 weeks pregnant! Yay, I went and registered at Babies R Us finally, and I have officially entered my third trimester. We have only 88 more days to go! I can't wait to see her little face and hold her for the first time! Sooo exciting! Our doctor's visit last week went very well and he said everything looks perfect! They got a close look at her heart and we got to see her moving around in there again, oh yeah, and even got another "It's a Girl" confirmation! I am sure the next 88 days will just fly by. With Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and New Year's ahead, I won't even have time to think about being miserable, except of course after eating 3 plates full of Thanksgiving Dinner, or a whole tray of homemade candies! Oh well, this year I have an EXCUSE! Haha! :) Anyways, the next few months will fly by like I said, we have already scheduled Birthing Classes and it looks like they are going to be every Tuesday night for a whole month. Fun times! I thought this might be something fun for Matt and I to do together and will help relax us both when we know what to expect at the hospital since neither of us have ever had a major hospital visit, or who knows they could be a complete waste of time. We'll see. In the meantime we have her room all ready to go and Matt even added another rod and shelf in her itty bitty closet so we can continue to buy her clothes. :) We are getting ready for this girl (as much as possible anyways). But still no decision on a name. Any suggestions?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gettin' Registered!!!

Well, it is about that time - I told myself I could wait at least until October to start thinking about putting together a baby registry! And guess what... it's October!!! We are a little over 3 and half months away from her arrival so, I am now starting to try to figure out what all we are going to need as new parents. So far our experiences at Babies R Us have been good, but overwhelming! There is sooo much stuff and it is all for babies!!!! Do we actually need all this stuff? What are the necessities and what are the best brands? I am sure the must-have items differ from mom to mom and baby to baby... but overall, what are the must-haves??? I have thought about starting to buy diapers early so we could have a small stock pile before she even gets here, but I have no idea what kind, how many, or what sizes! There is way too much to think about! So leave me comments about what all you experienced mothers think we will need! Keep in mind, it is our first so we don't have much! Although, I do have a swing, a jumperoo, a high chair, and of course her crib & furniture! Also, what kind of diapers/wipes worked best for you and why? Car seats & stroller vs. travel system? Diaper genie vs. diaper champ... and the list goes on...Help please!