Saturday, December 19, 2009


So, I have been put on bedrest... until the baby comes! I went to the doctor on Dec.1st complaining of nightly headaches and my blood pressure ended up being kinda high. They said I might have the early stages of preeclampsia and they would see me again 2 days later to take my blood pressure again... well, that time it was 150/100. That was not good, so they sent me immediately over to the triage part of the Labor & Delivery unit of St. Joe to be monitored for a while. My blood pressure went down with bedrest and the baby's heartbeat and movements looked great, so bedrest is what they prescribed. So that is it for now, bedrest, no shopping for baby stuff, no going to church, no going to work, no cooking, no cleaning, no grocery shopping... pure bedrest! It really is kind of weird, I feel helpless, like everyone has to do everything for me... Matt has been taking good care of me, and Mom has been cooking for us, and cleaning up the house everyday on her lunch hour, and I, well, I have been resting. Not really in the bed, mostly on the couch. I am working from home too... and it takes up a LOT of my time, which I guess is okay, since it passes the time quickly. It really hasn't been too bad yet. It is just slowing me down a lot, I can tell I get out of breath more quickly from just resting all the time.

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