Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Lives (The Past 3 Months)

Everyday is a new adventure at the Moore house now! We are enjoying every minute with our sweet bundle of joy! She is a wonderful addition to our little family and we can't even remember what life was like without her. What was it that we spent all of our time doing before? Hmm....

Megan is rolling over!
She is getting more personality every day and is so aware of what is going on! She started rolling over last week and can now roll from her belly to her back quite easily. She is getting too good at it! When she learns to crawl that little girl is gonna be everywhere. When we lay her down in her bed sometimes in just a few minutes she is on the other side of the bed facing sideways looking in her mirror or flipped over on her back looking at her name spelled out on the wall. She is a wiggle worm!

Megan sleeps good!
She is a good sleeper. She has been sleeping through the night for about a month now and Mommy and Daddy are loving it! :) She goes to bed around 8:00 these days and starts to wiggle around in there around 5:00 or 6:00 AM! Yay, Megan!

Megan is sooo cute!
Okay, so I know I am bias and everything, but I just think she is too cute. She has the most kissable little cheeks ever and her smile is so sweet!

Megan's toys!
She is starting to get more interested in toys now. She has a little zebra that she loves to look at! She hasn't quite started reaching for toys yet, but that will come soon I am told. She loves to sit in her bouncy jumperoo and stares at the little bear on the front or the animals on the material for like 10 minutes at a time.

Megan loves her family!
Mommy - I am working 3 days a week now and Nana is watching Megan the other days, when I get home from work her face lights up to the sound of my voice! She watches me walk back and forth and can't get enough when I get a hold of her and start playing with her.

Daddy - She LOVES her Daddy! They have bonding time together in the afternoons sometimes and on Saturday mornings. I think she loves her Saturday morning bonding time with Daddy :) (While I sleep in :) ) When he comes home from work or walks in the room and starts talking she gets excited now... soo cute!

Grammy and Grandpa - This girl loves her Grammy and Grandpa! She loves to play and sing with her Grammy and loves it when Grammy comes to visit her at lunchtime! Grandpa on the other hand, has spoiled her ROTTEN! Grandpa walks her anywhere she wants to go and is pretty much wrapped whenever she is with him. I can't wait until she can start making him watch movies with her, because he will watch whatever she wants too and they will be watching Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast... you get the picture - TOO CUTE!

Nana and Gramps - Nana has been keeping Megan on the days that I am working and it is working out great! Megan loves spending time with Nana and again is getting spoiled ROTTEN by both Nana and Gramps as they are also wrapped!

Clint - Megan loves her Uncle Clint! She thinks he is hilarious and is always laughing at him. He is also wrapped and thinks she is adorable!

And I am not leaving out anyone, I am simply out of time - but, yes she loves everyone else too!
Uncle Todd, Aunt AnnMarie, Ashlyn, Jake, Mamaw Shell, Uncle Larry, Aunt KK, Uncle Seth, Aunt Lisa, Maya, Max, Nina, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Rob, Owen, Jenna, Aunt Liz, Uncle Phillip, Papaw Preacher, Mamaw Lorene, Aunt Beanie, Grandma Bea, Papaw Charles, Aunt Misty, Hannah and more!!! She loves them all!

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