Tuesday, May 18, 2010

4 Months!

4 MONTHS! Where has the time gone? Our baby girl is 4 months old! Wow! We had her check-up at the DR yesterday and he said she was PERFECT. Yay! It looks like she is all caught up now on growing, her head is in the 40th% now, her weight 70th% and her height 50th%. She weighs 14.2 lbs. and is 24 inches tall! Unfortunately though, she still can't start on foods until her 6 month appointment... :( Oh well, I am sure they know what they are talking about, so we will go with what the DR says! She had two shots - OUCH... I always feel so bad when they give her those, because you can't warn her first. :( I just can't believe she is getting so big and learning so much this quickly. She already has a great personality, she smiles just about every time you smile at her - which is great, and in the mornings she can't get enough smiles in... she is such a happy girl! She has learned to laugh, roll over, grab things and hold on to them, she recognizes her bottle and bib, and she has become NOSEY! She always wants to know what is going on now... if she hears someone new enter the room, she has to check them out! And, last but not least, she is a WIGGLE WORM! I don't think those little legs ever stop moving! We will need help when she starts crawling - that little girl is gonna be all over the place!

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