Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 is gone... 2010 is here!!!

Well, I made it to the new year! 2009 was great! From the Ice Storm of finding out we were expecting in May, to Papaw retiring in December.... it has been a year to remember!

Looking back over 2009 though, all I can really remember is what it feels like to be pregnant. I love it!!! I don't know what I will do when I am not pregnant anymore! It is a great feeling when she is wiggling around in there or when I can feel her pressed up against me and I try to pick out what body parts are where. I can't believe I never had morning sickness, I really was blessed throughout my pregnancy, and have been blessed even up until the end here being on bedrest. I think it has been a blessing the last few weeks getting to rest and bond more with my husband and family while we wait on Megan to arrive! At times I feel helpless, like I am not allowed to do anything or go anywhere, but really when it comes down to it, I just want to do what is best for Megan, and if this is the best thing that I can do for her right now... that is what I am gonna do!

I go to the doctor tomorrow and can't wait to hear what she will say... I am 37 weeks now and that is the goal they were aiming for... so we will see... we may have a little girl this time tomorrow night. Or then again, we may not! Either way, 3 weeks more is not too long to have to wait I don't guess! So here is to 2010 being a great year! WE GET TO MEET OUR BABY GIRL... what is more exciting than that???

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The Sechrist's said...

I'm almost as excited as you all, I can't wait!!! I can't wait to hold baby Megan!! People will be fighting for her.