Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We've been busy!

Since Cathleen has been busy playing mommy she has asked me to update her blog for her. As you might know we have been a little busy since the last time she updated the blog and haven't had much time. Here is a recap of what has happened (sorry for it being a little long). Megan was born on the afternoon of January 15th after Cathleen was induced that morning. Her labor lasted for a few hours and went pretty well. She has decided that if we have another she will definitely be having another epidural because she felt hardly any pain once she got it. We got to bring Megan home Sunday afternoon on the 17th but before we left we were told Megan had a little Jaundice and that she would need to be put on a Bili Blanket. We had no idea what this was but if it was a blanket it must be okay. Little did we know that this "blanket" would soon turn our adorable little daughter into a glow worm 24/7. This lasted for a week and then she no longer had to have her "glowing" personality. We were glad to get that over with but then I got a phone call that started us with a whole new set of worries. Apparently one of the newborn screenings that Megan had came back saying she may of had a metabolic disorder. We had to go to a metabolic specialist and have Megan tested. We wouldn't have the results back for 2 weeks so we had to treat her as if she had it until the results came back. They thought she might have a disorder known as MCADD which means she was lacking some enzymes to break down fats. What was the treatment for this? We had to wake the poor little girl up every 3 hours to try and get her to eat as much as possible because she could die or have brain damage if she got too dehydrated. After 2 weeks of middle of the night feedings, many google searches on MCADD and many many prayers, the Lord answered our prayers and the results came back that she did not have it. Other than the worries we had, Megan did get something positive out of all of this, she gained almost 2 pounds in 2 weeks! So that is what has been going on with the Moore's for the last month. We now have a healthy 1 month old that has not only her parents but also her grand parents and uncle wrapped. So now the fun begins.

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