Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whirlwind 1st Month!

Well, it has been a whirlwind! The last month and a half have FLOWN by! Our baby is now a month and a half old and she is getting bigger and learning new things everyday!!! She has grown out of all of her preemie clothes and is almost out of her newborn size stuff. She smiles now, stands up (with help, of course), and is trying to get the sleeping thing down! :) She loves to look at ceiling fans and lights and loves the curtains in our living room.. haha, she also loves her bathtime! Her first mini-vacation is coming up this weekend! Yay! She gets to go meet her cousins for the first time. How fun! Her 2 Month check- up is next Friday afternoon and then I have to go back to work the next Monday! Ahhh! I am going to miss my baby girl so much during the day! But, the good part is that I get to work from home two days a week and will get to spend time with her then, so that should help!

Since, it has been a while....
As Matt mentioned before, my delivery went great! My mom says it was like going through a drive-thru... but, I tend to disagree. Just because she didn't have to do much, didn't mean it was super easy. Although, I have to say it was pretty much easy! I absolutely love my doctor, she did a fantastic job and everything went really smooth! I mean, everything from our arrival the night before, to the epidural an hour after she broke my water, to the moment I started to push, was all pretty peaceful. Pushing wasn't even that bad! Matt, Mom, and my doctor talked me through it and it didn't take long at all until her tiny little precious body was placed on my chest! She was absolutely adorable from the moment I first saw her and has only gotten more and more adorable ever since! It was truly love at first sight! Her daddy and I are totally smitten with her! We've been through a lot in the past month with our adorable little darling, and love watching her learn and grow everyday, even though it is happening so quickly! It is scary how fast time flies, it makes you really want to savour every moment you can while she is still little!

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