Saturday, November 13, 2010

Megan's first injury!!!

Well, we made it! Megan injured herself this weekend, and I am sure it is the first of many... but we made it through this one with ease. Friday afternoon at Nana's, Megan was taking her sock off by herself and yanked it off and ended up hitting herself in the eye, either with her fist, fingernail, or sock... we aren't sure. Matt was there and said he couldn't get her to calm down much or to even open her eyes much after it happened, so since she couldn't really open her eye much (and it was nap time anyways), she laid down for her afternoon nap and fell asleep. Matt went back to work, and Nana watched her the rest of the afternoon. I got off early and headed over to pick her up from Nana's and was greeted with a sad little face at the door and a runny and puffy eye. So, off to the doctor we went. I mean, it was the start of the weekend after all, and we really didn't want to be questioning if we should have had this checked out or not, etc... so just to give us peace of mind, I called and got her into the doctor just before they closed for the day... the doctor saw her immediately and put some sort of yellow glow-in-the-dark dye in her eye and turned on a black light to check her eye out. Yep, there it was, I could see it clear as day. She had a small little cut on her eye. He called it a Corneal Abrasion. So, in order for her eye to heal itself (which with this kind of thing, it usually heals itself within 24 hours) they had to patch her eye up so she wouldn't be tempted to rub it or scratch it and worsen the cut. She took it in stride, and actually left the patch on all night! We went back to the doctor this morning, and went through the whole black light process again, and she is all better now! No more little cut, and no more pirate princess! We made it through her first injury with ease!!!

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