Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update - 10 months????

10 Months... can it be possible??? Megan is almost 10 months old! Wow, it is amazing how time flies! I can't believe she is so big, I can't even start to think about her 1st birthday - my baby girl cannot be almost turning 1!!! She has learned so much and has gone from a baby to a toddler in the past few months. She is crawling everywhere and even though she is not walking, she definitely toddles around! I think walking is the next thing on this girl's list though. She has begun to stand alone now for a few seconds at a time, and is a pro at walking behind her walker. She is waving, clapping, saying "Mama" and "Dada", dancing to music, crawling up steps, helping me get her dressed (putting her arms in the arm holes when I put a shirt on her), begging for food, going after the dog's food whenever she is near it, and the list goes on... She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and recognizes the Disney Channel pretty much as soon as you turn it on. She also loves the Backyardigans, Handy Manny, and she likes Special Agent Oso too! I am going to start showing her Toy Story soon to see if she likes it!

I can't believe how much this little girl has changed our lives in just 10 months! Everything revolves around her now, and we love it! For example, instead of going out to dinner and a movie on a random Friday night, we find ourselves going to Fazoli's (where she can get spaghetti), and hitting Babies R' Us to see if she has any interest in any of the toys! My how things change! I am sure we will have to hit Babies R' Us less frequently as she gets bigger though, or she will start wanting a new toy every weekend! Right now we tell her, you can have anything in the store, you just have to ask for it!...:) I am sure that will change soon - we won't be able to tell her that anymore when her vocabulary begins to develop..ha :)!

Life is pretty much great right now! I am still getting to work from home 2 days a week, and Nana watches Megan the other 3 days! Matt and I are both home every weekend and every night and get to spend lots of time with our girl!

Oh, recently we went to the beach with Nana and Gramps... here is a cute pic from our trip!

That's all for now!

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