Saturday, November 28, 2009

We Have a NAME!!!

And the moment you have all been waiting for... WE HAVE A NAME! Yes, we have gone back and forth about what to name our baby girl! We've been given many suggestions, opinions and whatnot, but all in all, we have decided to go with the name that we had actually decided on before we even got pregnant! Like a year or two ago we had the baby name talk and both decided that if we ever had a baby girl, we would name her.... DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... MEGAN! So, after much deliberation, we are back to the beginning, Megan Elyse Moore it is! We have made it official today and even put it up on her wall!!! (See pictures below) We weren't actually going to decide yet, but yesterday we ended up going to Babies R' Us just to see all the cute little baby things again, and Matt decided we should go look at something on the opposite end of the store... I followed him over there and he had led me to the letters that you put on the wall to spell out baby's name or initials. By the time we had gotten over there (close to the bathrooms) I decided my bladder couldn't wait anymore, so I had to pee, I told him to pick out the letters to our name by the time I came back, just kinda jokingly, and that we would get them.... Well, I came out and he hadn't picked out the letters yet, but was still looking at them intently. So, I said, well, lets spell out our names and make a decision. So one by one he used the letters and spelled out all the names we had discussed right there on the floor at Babies R' Us... yup, and Megan won! I told him to make the decision and he decided! We both really love the name we have chosen - Megan means "Little Pearl" awww... how cute is that! And Elyse means "God's Promise or Vow To God". I can't wait for our little Megan Elyse Moore to get here! :)


Lisa said...

Aww! Her name looks so cute on the wall! Little Megan will be here before we know it!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see her!